Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Clarity Winter Challenge

Hello Everyone

Wow! I really have been a lazy blogger or rather so much has happened that I haven't had much time to blog in recent weeks.  However, this was a challenge opportunity that I couldn't afford to miss.  Winter card scenes are one of my favourites anyway and with some of the new products it was a great chance to just play.

I used the treescape stencil along with lake mist and juniper Adiroindak inks to create the background.  I then used a white pilot pen to add the snow.  The stamping is done using the English Garden Elements set.  It is easily one of my favourite stamp sets.  Hopefully it has created quite a nice winter scene.

It was a bit of a happy accident really as it was originally meant to be square but I didn't like part of it and so cut it down.

Please accept this as my winter Clarity challenge entry.

Much Love Emily xxx