Sunday, 10 March 2013

Tesselation using the March Design Club Stamp

Hello Everyone!

For anyone who knows me you will be aware that we are all going through a very tough time at the moment as my Father-in-Law is very unwell and is in intensive care suffering with double pneumonia.  This is hugely distressing for my husband, his mother and his brothers.  We are praying for some positive news but taking each hour at a time.

This card may not be perfect, but the task was to take my mind of things for a bit and actually I am quite pleased with the result. 

I take no shame in that it is clearly a version of the card Barbara did in the Design Club pack.  I think this cow parsley is a gorgeous, very useful little stamp.  I love the way it tesselates into itself to make a border.

This simple little card involved me getting out the brayer.  I used 2 colours of Adirondak ink- the bottom is done in Terracotta and the top in Pink Sherbert.  I removed lots of ink so that the brayered backgound was very light.  I then stamped the image repeatedly in black ink so it tesselated across the page.  I then used at 01 Micron pen to outline the images and the bottom of the page.

I added interest to the main card stock by distressing the A5 card using the same 2 colours as mentioned above.  I wanted it to look very random and not in any way perfect to give a kind of country feel to it.  I then matted and layered using peach and pink card and used the 'May your Dreams come True' sentiment to finish it off.  I hope you like the result. 

Lots of Love

Emily x

Thursday, 7 March 2013


This is the artwork I wish to submit for the March Challenge...Anything goes ...

This exploding box uses the following Clarity Stamps:

The Design Club Celtic Box
The Design Club Mask
The Wire Heart
The Butterfly

I have also used the following Promarkers:

Hot pink
Rose pink
Pale pink
Winter Berry

Overall 101 stamped images were used on this project and it  me 6 days on and off to complete. 

I started off by finding myself a template for the box and drawing it out and scoring the lines.  I cut out each pannel and marked a grid on it.  I carefully aligned my stamp tiles so as to form the pattern.  I then used the mask, butterfly and heart as decoration in the middle to catch the eye.  Each layer has a different middle design ( layer 1 has the mask, layer 2 the butterfly and layer 3 the butterfly).  These middle designs are raised up with foam pads to make them stand out.


The did outside panels were done in the same way although 2 have butteeflies and 2 masks.  The lid again was completed in the same way and is decorated with 2 hearts and some lilac and hot pink ribbon.


This was a very enjoyable project and I hope it is enjoyed by all those who see it in the challenge. 

Friday, 1 March 2013

Careful Manipulation of the Brayer

Hello Everyone!

Well this is not the most perfect card in the world, but it is entering new territory for me as I have never tried a card that invloves so much brayering in different ways and also only using one colour.  I saw that Andy's Stamping Group were creating a card along these lines which inspired me to wonder could think through the process and create a similar card.  I love how effective only using one colour can be.

I chose to use the Adirondak ink Pool.  I decided to use Clarity coated paper as I find this the best for brayering.  To begin with I created my hill masks.  I began by putting in the dark hill in the forground.  I then did the lake using the crumpled paper technique (for anyone who has not watched Barbara Gray on the tv this is where you scrunch up a piece of copy paper and run the brayer over it to pick up the textured effect.  This is then run across the paer and gives the water effect.  very simple yet very effective).  After this I used another mask to put in the backgound hills.  I finished the brayering off by doing the sky- this was done just using the remaining ink left on the brayer.  NB I must add that I now use a splodemat to get the desired amount of colour as it wastes so much ink that using endless copy paper. 

Then I came on to stamping.  Firstly I put the church in the foreground.  I used a little bit of ink on a sponge to ground it and add a bit of shade.  I then put in the baloons and the flock of birds.  I stamped one ballon off the page to try and create the illusion of perspective.  Lastly I stamped the trees.  I wanted to make thes look as if they were reflected in the water.  I still find doing reflections hard.  The brayer over the image and then rolled it onto the page.  It is a great effect but I still find matching up the reflected image with the original image very hard to acheive especially with such a small stamp.  Hopefully I have done okay though.

Combining so many techniques in one piece of artwork was a challenge in itself for me.  I think maybe I will have a few more goes at this using different colours. 

Thank you once again for reading this,

Love Emily xx